Karen Gail

Entrepreneur, Anti-Sexual Abuse Advocate, Anti-Human Trafficking Advocate, Motivational Speaker, Pastor
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Karen Gail is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. She is the founder of Pearl's Center of Hope, a non-profit organization that endeavors to wrap services around victims of sexual violence and Human Trafficking and their families. Their goal is to help Human Trafficking victims rebuild their lives to go on to become not just survivors but to become thrivers.

She was sexually violated by a family member from the age of 7 years old until she was 17 years old.  For over 10 years she was consistently molested well over 1,000 times, trafficked across several state lines of Virginia by her perpetrator. Her aggressor was very successful and very influential in the United States Marines Corps and Homeland Security when committing these terrible acts against her.

She kept her secret hidden for over 35 years. But on June 5, 2012, she became the oldest sexual abuse case ever prosecuted and won in the history of Petersburg, Virginia with a successful conviction of a case well over (30 years) old. This was due in large to House Bill 1476 from the 2011 General Assembly Session.

Contrary to belief, not all victims come from broken homes. Despite the abuse she went through she has survived to go on to be the Founder/Administrator of Gentle Hands Day Care Center, Inc. 


Now as the Pastor of Thy Kingdom Come International Ministries, she is a teacher of a 6-week workshop for women entitled "Woman of the Spirit" & Pretty Girls with Power. Other works include Prison Ministry, Nursing Homes, Adult Day Care Centers, Troubled and at Risk Teens, Street Ministry, Home Prayer Meetings, Bible Study, and special work with Wounded Hearted Women and Young Girls & Ladies. She also has been a therapeutic resource mentor for "At-Risk Youth" for many years. She is a strong component of education and entrepreneurship. She has worked in the mental health field for over 35 years. She is a Motivational speaker and promotes healthy holistic lifestyles. 

Since its inception in 2015, Pearls Center of Hope, Inc. has reached 168,349 individuals and households throughout Central Virginia and  Metro Richmond areas by providing direct services to victims/survivors and family members. We have conducted outreach and education to these individuals and households via community forums, presentations, and Radio and television outlets such as Virginia Union University, Virginia Currents, WTVR Channel 8 News, National Public Radio, and Radio One. Recently, PCOH has been invited to develop and present an age-appropriate and culturally relevant human trafficking curriculum.

One of the goals of PCOH is to develop curriculums and resource manuals that can be placed into the hands of every child across America to help them to know what a Healthy Relationship looks like. This will ensure that they can use it to know how and where to turn if faced with a situation of being sexually abused. We must go beyond the Good Touch Bad Touch concept taught in family homes with respect to “stranger touch” because research has shown many do not tell when being abused. At PCOH we also feel strongly that laws should be introduced that make it mandatory that every offender that is convicted of sex crimes be required to attend classes and programs that aid in the rehabilitation of Sexual Abuse/Human Trafficking/Domestic Abuse victims and their families. 


PCOH has been featured on ALL major radio stations such as Radio One, Praise 104.7 FM, Power 99.3 FM, and others, to discuss Human Trafficking and address the misconceptions. PCOH has been interviewed by such names as Dr. Phil, Clovia Lawrence aka Miss Community, Emmy award winner Patty Nevadamski, Producer of VA Currents and the Idea station, and many others just to name a few to raise awareness on Human Trafficking. All of these grassroots strides have been accomplished without the assistance of federal or state grants or funding.  PCOH was featured at the movie premiere for “CAGED NO MORE”. With many collaborations and fundraising events in the Tri-city area, PCOH stands firm in our partnerships to bring more services and awareness to the heinous acts that are being committed across this county and aboard, so that we may continue to serve and assist those that are vulnerable in our community.

PCOH launched the campaign now entitled: "You Are More Than What You've Survived" 

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